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Home Construction Site Safety: A Tidy Site Is a Happy Site

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As you can imagine, building or improving a home can be messy; it can be quite strange to see your property turned into a construction site.

It can also be quite a worry for you, the person thinking about undertaking a home construction project, as the thought of a building site on your property may lead you to think of trip hazards, an assortment of scattered tools and materials, and a general chaotic energy. 

The important thing for you to know is that when you work with a reputable and reliable construction company who does things the right way, you can expect construction site safety and tidiness to be respected at all times. 

The Importance of Safe and Clean Construction 

The bottom line is that not taking health and safety in construction seriously is dangerous – there are no if, buts or maybes about it. 

Construction site with builders on ladders for a home extension project.

This point is amplified when everyone remembers that if you’re not keeping a safe, clean and tidy construction site, you are risking lives. The Health and Safety Executive has recorded 45 deaths in construction so far in 2022/23.

This is why safety in the construction industry is vital. Accidental slips, trips and falls may always be a part of manual labour, but when these can be avoided, we create a safe, tidy and happy site. 

Ensuring safety for construction workers is easy to do when you have the appropriate plans and systems in place. 

Guidelines For Construction Site Safety

Okay, so we know health and safety in construction is a no-brainer; now how do we create a tidy and safe site? Here are a few guidelines to follow. 

A home being built with scaffolding set up all around it.
  • Be clear on tidiness and safety – Firstly, it’s important that leaders, such as project managers, are clear with their teams on the importance of safety for construction workers and how they plan to keep a tidy site. 
  • Bring the right tools for the job – We want to eliminate the potential for as much clutter as possible. By bringing the right tools for the job, equipment isn’t left lying around which could act as trip hazards and lead to a cramped site. 
  • Designate areas – By assigning different areas for different things on a site, we are lowering the risk of confusion and eliminating the possibility of a messy site. Establish areas for rubbish, waste and storage. 
  • Keep access clear – To ensure workers and guests can enter, manoeuvre and exit a construction site easily, we need to provide easy access; this means tidying up after ourselves, keeping floors clear, and being organised. 
  • Maintain the site – It’s all well and good setting out with the goal of keeping a safe and tidy construction site, but it’s important to not slack on this as the project goes on, however long that may be. 

Protection for the Client’s Property 

With home construction or improvement, your property becomes a building site which can be an anxious thought for some. The main worry is that you don’t want your property to be inadvertently damaged during a project. 

You don’t have to worry about this too much if you stay clear of cowboy builders and the like. 

Ensuring no harm comes to your property is easily avoidable when the people you work with have the correct precautions in place, understand the importance of client communication, and if there are any concerns, these are addressed promptly. 

Bespoke Construction Group Always Keep a Tidy Site

Here at Bespoke Construction Group we always keep a clean, tidy and safe construction site. Safety in the construction industry is something we take very seriously. That’s why we:

  • Maintain general cleanliness on all sites 
  • Carry out regular site checks
  • Constantly monitor health and safety 
  • Help each other by keeping a tidy site for all 
  • Clean up after ourselves 
A builder working on a home construction site wearing helmet, high vis, and gloves.

Final Thoughts

Construction site safety can never be talked about too much.

If you’re soon to be taking on a home project, a good sign that you’re working with the right construction people is if they take health and safety in construction seriously. 

We hope this health and safety in construction blog has helped you understand why a tidy site truly is a happy site. To work with us, get in touch with us today.  

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